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Hello fellow Machinist enthusiasts, I would like to share with all of you a compilation of all the information I've gathered about Machinist, and also *my* thoughts, ideas & opinions on how to play a Machinist in Endgame PVE.
In case you don't know me I play under the nickname Krietor Senpai and i play on the Ragnarok[EU] Server.
I've been playing MMOs for as long as 18+ years, and I have always been a huge fan of proper in-depth Class/Job Guides.

My Lodestone:



Last Update: 11.03.2017

This guide will contain the following content:
  1. Racial Stats (Best Races).
  2. Machinist Skills
  3. Opener
  4. DPS Rotation
  5. Stance Dancing & Movement under Gauss
  6. AoE Rotation & Multi-dotting?
  7. Cooldown Alignment
  8. Double oGCDs
  9. Cross-Class oGCDs
  10. Turrets
  11. DoT Applications
  12. Current gear set.
  13. Macros
  14. 3.X Accuracy Caps
  15. Stat Weights
  16. Stat Priority
  17. Ping (ms) & how it affects DPS
  18. Tips
  19. Advanced Raiding Information
  20. Dummy and Raid Parses

This Guide will be continuously update whenever i have time to update it. If you would like to get a notification every time i update this guide, just press on the Subscribe button above.

1. Racial Stats:

#1 - Elezen (Wildwood) - 19 STR, 23 DEX, 18 VIT, 22 INT, 17 MND, 21 PIE.
#2 - Miqo’te (Seekers) - 21 STR, 22 DEX, 20 VIT, 18 INT, 19 MND, 20 PIE
#3 - Lalafell (Plainsfolk) - 18 STR, 22 DEX, 18 VIT, 21 INT, 20 MND, 18 PIE.

2. Machinist Skills:



Utility + DPS:



3. Opener:

A more UP-TO-DATE openers were theorycrafted by Rinchan Nau.
Click here to see his opener information


Standard 2 ammo Opener:

PRE PULL - On - 30s - 15s - 6s
–> [ + +]
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> []
–> [] - Off or if its procced EXPLODES
–> [] - On


Standard 5 ammo Opener:
PRE PULL - 30s - 15s - 6s


MAX Wildfire Potency - 5 ammo Opener:

PRE PULL - Off - 1m - 40-35s - 15s - 3s



4. DPS Rotation:

Both Buff & debuff should always be applied.

Refresh both of them when you see then at 1 sec and about to fall off.
We shouldn't clip the dot tick especially if it’s buffed.

If all your oGCDs are on CD, dropping Gauss for instant application and you wont be using any oGCD after the reapplication, its actually a small dps gain.


Now assuming you don't have any ammo, you spam 1 until you get a 2 Proc.
Once you use up the slug proc you go back to 1 regardless if you got a 3 proc or not. If Clean procced you proceed to use it.

  • Spam 1 until 2 procs then
  • after using 2 & go back to 1
  • if 3 procs, do 1-2-3

The idea is to always have 2 & 3 always with their proc activated but never go over more then 1 rotation trying to get a 2nd proc on number 2.

5. Stance Dancing & Movement under Gauss:

Im going to quote Aiurily on this since he has done EXTENSIVE testing on this:

There are 3 reasons to take off.

  1. You should always take off if you are forced to move, but would be unable to cast any weaponskills during movement. Generally taking off for movement is low priority; ideally you want to keep it on in most cases and use + procs to keep GCD uptime up while moving, but if you do not have those options, then feel free to drop gb.
  2. To fit in an extra instant GCD during certain buffs or debuffs. Most noticeable is for a split shot right before wildfire detonates (cast @ 1s or so) to get that extra damage in wildfire.
  3. This the one most people care about. A sub 1% dps gain done 100% perfectly, but a dps loss otherwise. the only weaponskill that's stronger with gauss barrel, as opposed to 1 auto+weapon skill+no, is,,, with or without ammo!! all of these Weaponskills do more damage if you couple them with an auto attack.

gb split shot is less damage than no gb, split shot+auto attack. rough %increase  - about 17.6%
gb slug shot is less damage than no gb, slug shot+auto attack. rough % increase - about 8.6%
gb clean shot is less damage than no gb, split shot+auto attack. rough % increase - about 5.5%

The reason we keep on and only "stance dance" for small periods of time, is because the auto attack delay is greater than our GCD. A 1:1 ratio of GCD:auto attacks is not possible to maintain in the long run; therefore stance dancing evolves into stance toggling, to get minor damage increases.
On top of that, it is possible to get more auto attacks than GCDs with well timed gauss toggling. It is possible to start with 2 autos in the span of 1 no GB gcd, which is a huge damage increase; and eventually it would be come 3 autos, 2 gcd, 4 autos 3 gcd, etc, until the higher delay of the weapon catches up. this is the main goal of stance toggling, for the big damage increase. To give an idea, getting 1 auto for 1 no GB split shot=58% dmg increase compared to gb split shot. toggling is generally high effort for very low reward. Also, it is 100% a loss to not have on for any oGCD attacks.

the ideal conditions to "stance dance", or rather, "stance toggle" are as follows. these are not 100% strict, but they are good guidelines to start from

  1. have all oGCD attack skills on cd, and on cd for the duration that you'll keep gauss barrel off
  2. after an instant cast (procced slug shot, clean shot, or feint even)
  3. not during rapid fire
  4. not during lead shot

If you’re forced to move when you have on, you should keep the following priority in mind: procs > > off > should be used only as last resort if is on and it's on cd so that you can’t remove it for those 15 seconds. There are a few situation in 3.2 raid encounters where this actually happens if not timed correctly, like for example a6s vortexer, A7S and even A8S.


6. AoE Rotation & Multi-dotting?:

AoE rotation on Machinist is actually pretty simple if you don't have to multi-dot.
into if you have the TP or are too far away from the aoe group, else use

Use,, & on CD even if you're AoEing, as long as it lands on the RRR Cooldown Alignment (minute 1 & 5)
Use on CD

If you Multi-Dot you should only be doing so on a max of 4 target since after 5 targets outweights the potency over time of multidotting.

Now lets disregard Bishop and focus only on multidotting vs direct AOE potency.
To multidot 4 target you require 4 GCDs which means ~7 seconds of preparations and only after ~ 37 seconds you'll get the net worth of all 4 applied dots.
4 Dots = 490*4 = 1960 Potency over 37 Seconds
Now if we only use for 37 seconds on 4 targets we would do 6.400 potency.
if we add both multidots + spread = 5.200 Potency from spread + 1960 potency from Multidoting which nets a total of 7.160 Potency over 37 Seconds

In case of 5 targets will do around 8000 Potency over a period of 37.5 seconds
If you multidot 5 targets it will net around 2450 potency.
Losing 5 on 5 targets nets a loss of 2500Potency. therefore we would be losing 50 potency over 37.5 seconds, and this loss of potency will exponentially increase the more you multidot.

TLDR: Multidot if up to 4 targets. 5 or More targets use or depending on how much TP your willing to use.

7. Cooldown Alignment:

This Cooldown alignment will always differ if other Openers and CDs are used on different timings.

0:00 -,,,,,,,,,

1:00 -,,

~1:30 -,,,

~2:00 -,,,

~3:00 -,,,,,,,

~4:00 -,,,

~4:30 -,,,

~5:00 -,,

~6:00 - repeat from 0:00

You can pot either @ 4:30 or 6:00 depending on the fight and its longevity.

8. Double oGCDs:

How do I weave so many oGCDs knowing that with I can only do 1 ogcd after each cast?

Well that's not entirely true, due to the sheer amount of ogcds we have, we actually NEED to double ogcd from time to time, but NOT always.

You can Double oGCD on the following occasions:

PS. Sometimes you might need to triple weave both &'s+Eye with to get Maximum buff uptime during

9. Cross-Class oGCDs:

oGCDs should be only weaved in between GCDs. Use it @ 560~580 TP, right after the tick of its normal TP regeneration. vs
If the tank has aggro problems, then yes take over but if not since 3.2 feint is actually pretty good on fights like A7S and A8S. Situational for only a few fights

10. Turrets:

Turrets should be pretty straight forward, you spawn them into the battlefield in an optimal position and that's it!!! right?!? well that's a misconception that most of MCH have in their mindset while playing…

First of all, proper placement of the turret is extremely important so that it has a 100% uptime on the boss/adds

I also would like to mention that Turrets dps nets around ~12% of the machinist overall dps, which mean when you turn on u'll be losing ~12% of your damage instead of flat 15% like BRDs do when they play's+Paeon or's+Ballad.

That being said there is a neat trick that Aiurily found over 8 months ago that allows you to only lose ~7% of your turret dps, by doing toggling.

Check this video out to see what im talking about:

I would advise you to only do this if ALL of your oGCDs are on CD, and it requires a lot of practice for a small gain in dps.

If you take into account that is available every 15sec and has a 5 sec recast time you'll only be able to toogle twice IF you dont have a (2) or (3) proc from your rotation. With proc available you should be able to double weave both & for max toggling uptime.

The same toggling can be used with and you will be able to keep both a Buffed TP/MP and apply Boss debuffs at the same "time" since the debuffs last 10 seconds and refresh timer is every 3 sec, therefore if you keep toggling on CD which is every 5 seconds, should have a ~100% uptime (although I dont advise doing this since everytime you use Hypercharge it should be paired with DPS CDs and oGCDs, locking both single & double oGCDs slots for dps and not toggling.

Another fun fact about is that it resets auto attacks upon usage and upon wearing off, which means if you manage to land your the milisecond after your turret attack, it will auto twice in 1 second :)
You'll just need to find a way to track your turret Autos O_o

11. DoT Application:

Ive created a spreadsheet so its easier to understand when our DoTs ticks are stronger and at what timings.

12. Current Gear Set:

3.5 BiS:

13. Macros:

Ask your tanks to use the following macro so that you're allowed to do your opener smoothly:
/micon "Pull"
/p <se.9> Pulling in 13 <wait.1>
/p 12 ... <wait.1>
/p 11 ... <wait.1>
/p 10 ... <wait.1>
/p 9 ... <wait.1>
/p 8 ... <wait.1>
/p 7 ... <wait.1>
/p 6 ... <wait.1>
/p 5 ... <wait.1>
/p 4 ... <wait.1>
/p Pulling in 3 ... <se.7> <wait.1>
/p Pulling in 2... <se.7> <wait.1>
/p Pulling in 1... <se.7> <wait.1>
/p PULL! 凸(`⌒´メ)凸<se.7> 

Deactivate Blood for Blood Macro if you know that you are about to take Fatal Damage.

/micon "Blood for Blood"
/statusoff "Blood for Blood"

Turret Macros:
/micon "Rook Autoturret"
/ac "Rook Autoturret"
/ac "Rook Autoturret"
/ac "Rook Autoturret"
/ac "Rook Autoturret"
/ac "Rook Autoturret"
/ac "Rook Autoturret"

/micon "Bishop Autoturret"
/ac "Bishop Autoturret"
/ac "Bishop Autoturret"
/ac "Bishop Autoturret"
/ac "Bishop Autoturret"
/ac "Bishop Autoturret"
/ac "Bishop Autoturret"

Why Turret Macros?
It allow you to queue up the ground AoE, which usually isn't possible with the regular turret abilities.

ELSE DO NOT USE Macros, they will just lower your overall DPS

See here why:

Anyways, here are some useful Macros if your starting out, but please do not get used to it!

14. Accuracy Cap:

These are rough numbers according to my experience during Alexander progression. These number might NOT be 100% correct, but i can tell you that they are pretty close.

15. Stat Weights:

Dervy still hasn't finished MCH weights but these weights are calculated by a JP player. I do not know how accurate they are but it gives you an outline to work with.

  • WD: 13
  • CRT: 0.210
  • DET: 0.174
  • SkS: 0.106

16. Stats Priority:

Weapon Damage > Dexterity > Capped Accuracy > Critical > Determination > Skill Speed

Additional Info on Crit:
Crit'ing increases its damage by 50% & the max Critical damage too.

Check out the following sources:

17. Ping (ms) & how it affects DPS:

Assuming the same class and same skill same rotation someone with 200 ms, will never beat someone with a connection of 100ms or less.

Without WTFast (example: 100ms Extra compared to another player) a player can safely say that every ~50 seconds they lose 1 GCD skill which means that he will lose around 10 GCDs skills in a 10 minute non stop fight….

18. Tips

PS. Also check this video out!

19. Advanced Raiding Information


20. Dummy and Raid Parses:

Dps and the numbers you produce are co-related with the connection you have and your raid dps.

For Alexander Raids:

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Can't seem to open your google doc in iOS google drive. (I'm trying to send to my work email to print). Any suggestions? Thanks.

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3.4 BiS updated
"It always seems impossible until it's done"

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Hey man, just wanna say thanks for the work you put into this guide and the bard one. I have played with you last year when you start trying out for Valkyrie. After return from break over the summer switched to main MCH from a midcore level. Cleared Creator in a couple weeks after release and this guide helped a lot improving performance as a DPS.
A lot of people recommended it and I have recommended this and the bard one to other players interested in in-depth optimization as well.

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Cheers mate and thanks for the support.
"It always seems impossible until it's done"

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First of all I tried to PM you, but since it didn't go? I'm posting my question here.

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You.. don't know me! Obviously, but hi there.
Upon my research on Machinist I stumbled on your guide, and many others. I had previously developed a build which much similar to yours:

Although somehow yours seem to "weight" more. Sure I understand those might not be exact data, but I have one question about Machinists that has been in the back of my mind. As you can see, I ended up with over 150+ crit than yours.

But is there a point that crit is no longer the best obtainable stat? Its a difference of +150 CRIT and -300 DET. I'm getting really confused if I should aim for a more "balanced" build or just keep pushing crit as far as I can always? Because of the weight?

So yeah, I'd like your opinion about it since you seem to be a veteran Machinist.
Really thanks, I appreciate any input. :)

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Yeah, the guide was bit outdated. But one cannot simply say that the guide was useless. It did help with certain levels of the game and it was a bit easier at times where you had to use combination attacks.
how to restart print spooler

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I have experienced your post and seen the data that you have shared here. In any case, I got just insignificant data from your post with respect to this. Since I am intrigued to know all the more, please incorporate extra subtle elements soon.hp printer problems
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