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Hello fellow Bard enthusiasts, I would like to share with all of you a compilation of all the information I've gathered about Bard, and also *my* thoughts, ideas & opinions on how to play a Bard in Endgame PVE.
In case you don't know me I play under the nickname Krietor Senpai and i play on the Ragnarok[EU] Server.
I've been playing MMOs for as long as 18+ years, and I have always been a huge fan of proper in-depth Class/Job Guides.

My Lodestone:



Last Update: 20.03.2017

This guide will contain the following content:
  1. Racial Stats (Best Races).
  2. 3.3 Updated Bard Skills
  3. Opener
  4. Priority Rotation
  5. Stance Dancing
  6. AoE Rotation
  7. Cooldown Alignment
  8. Double oGCDs
  9. Other oGCD's
  10. Songs
  11. DoT Applications vs Single vs Multiple Targets
  12. Current gear set.
  13. Macros (cough)
  14. 3.0 Accuracy Caps
  15. Stat Weights
  16. Stat Priority
  17. Ping (ms) & how it affects DPS
  18. Advanced Raiding Information
  19. Bard vs Machinist
  20. Dummy and Raid Parses
  21. Personal Infos

This Guide will be continuously updated whenever i have time to do so. If you would like to get a notification every time i update this guide, just press on the Subscribe button above.

Racial Stats:

#1 - Elezen (Wildwood) - 19 STR, 23 DEX, 18 VIT, 22 INT, 17 MND, 21 PIE.
#2 - Miqo’te (Seekers) - 21 STR, 22 DEX, 20 VIT, 18 INT, 19 MND, 20 PIE
#3 - Lalafell (Plainsfolk) - 18 STR, 22 DEX, 18 VIT, 21 INT, 20 MND, 18 PIE.

3.3 Updated Bard Skills:

  • 100 potency
  • Total Potency increased from 310 to 340
  • Potency of the venom effect has been increased from 35 to 40.

  • 60 potency
  • Total Potency increased from 330 to 360
  • Potency of the wind damage over time effect has been increased from 45 to 50.

  • Potency has been increased from 50 to 100.
  • oGCD

  • Potency has been increased from 35 to 40.
  • Total Potency increased from 350 to 400
  • oGCD

  • Potency has been increased from 220 to 230.
  • The best skill to combo with the new Barrage
  • oGCD
  • Short 15 second CD (Affected by SkS)
  • Can only be used Under Minuet

  • 100 Potency (Now 640 tPotency on full duration)
  • Refreshes both Venomous and Windbite to their maximum Duration
  • Aligns the timer of both Dots
  • Costs only 60 TP vs. 160 TP to recast Venomous Bite and Windbite
  • 1 GCD instead of 2 from VB & WB
  • Can only be used under Minuet

  • Instant cast
  • oGCD
  • Potency when target is suffering from both Venomous Bite and Windbite has been increased from 250 to 260.
  • 60 Sec CD

  • Cast time has been reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Damage reduction on self has been changed from 15% to 10%.

  • Cast time has been reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Damage reduction on self has been changed from 15% to 10%.

  • Cast time has been reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  • ~70s uptime from 100% Mana to 0% Mana
  • Since Mana regeneration is 2% every 3 seconds in combat a full mana song will be completely recharged after ~150s


3.55 Double EA/IJ, Triple AA/Feint :

PULL (need to hit when the tank does the first hit on the boss)
-> []
-> [] OFF
-> []
-> []
-> []
-> []
-> []
-> [] ON
-> []
-> []
-> []
-> [] (If available)
-> []
-> [] (If available)
-> []
-> [] (If available)
-> Priority "Rotation"


3.3 Double EA-BV, 2 GCDs Off-Minuet:

-> 7Sec Pre-Pull ON
-> [ + +]
PULL (need to hit when the tank does the first hit on the boss)
-> [ or [] (if healers are not dpsing) OFF
-> []
-> [] ON
-> []
-> []
-> [] or (if it procs)
-> [] (If available)
-> []
-> []
-> [] (If available)
-> []
-> [
-> Priority "Rotation"


3.2 Rinchan's Wanderer's Minuet off for three GCDs - BBV after 1st GCD

-> 10Sec Pre-Pull
-> [ + +]
PULL or (need to hit when the tank does the first hit on the boss)
-> [ +]
-> [ +]
-> [ +]
-> [ +]
-> []
-> [ or]
-> [ or]


I should also mention that the reapplication of dots @ 7 seconds during the opener will also be affected/snapshotted by buffs such as or

This is how your buff bar should look like in a raid environment:

Don't forget that an Opener dps is subject to proc luck, and ofc Crit luck :)

Priority System "Rotation":

1. must have an 100% uptime (If aligns with your Dots clip it and recast it @ ~6 seconds)
2. (360 oPotency) before (340 oPotency). Only use Iron Jaws only afterwards for DoTs reapplication
3. (640 oPotency) recast when you see 2 Seconds left on your Dots timer)
4. (260 Potency If both DoTs are up)
5. - (instant 190 Potency oGCD)
6. (instant 150 Potency)
7. (220 Potency)
8. (140*50% CritBonus = ~210 Potency ) Make sure 1 2 & 6 are on CD or applied
9. (400 oPotency)
10.Align your casts after a Proc cast (under 6 seconds waiting time)
11. (150 Potency)
12. (100 Potency)
13. (Weave it only if 6 is on CD)

NOTE: Due to cast times under minuet Bloodletter became more valuable due to its free cost and being instant.


Stance Dancing:

Stance Dancing is the ability of going in and out of
In order to minimize your dps loss to a bare minimum you will need make sure all your buffs are on CD and your dots are applied/renewed.
Both & also need to be on CD.
Once these conditions are met you can go out of Minuet for a maximum of 15 seconds, before you have to renew your DoTs.

By doing this it will give you the ability to move around freely with a minimum dps loss due to the fact that everything is on CD including your Minuet snapshotted DoTs and you'll also have your auto-attacks turned back on.

AoE Rotation: : It should always be used in any AoE situation. is your go to AoE skill if you can position yourself correctly. There are 2 situation when using Wide is better then quick.
  1. Tank pulled and your still running trying to position yourself to cast Quick-Nock. Use it! dont waste time.
  2. The Pack pulled is HUGE and Quick wont cover all the mobs pulled Since its now oGCD spam the shit out of it, especially if you multidot!

Cooldown Alignment:

Ive created a new 3.0 spreadsheet that shows in a "patchwerk" 10 min type of fight, where i align the cooldowns & Weaponskills for maximum optimization:


This spreadsheet uses my opener, therefor timings for everyone else's openers would be different, and the alignment too.
Also in this spreadsheet i handle Bloodletter/RoD as a 15 sec recast time ability instead of a proc based ability.
Use the priority rotation displayed above to know when to cast procced Bloodletters

This spreadsheet also does not take into account milliseconds, the amount of skillspeed you have, nor your connection to the servers (ping"ms"), its just a rough estimate.

Ive asked myself the following questions many times, so i took into my own hand in finding out.
You might ask why is CD alignment better?
- after extensive research and testing ive found out that CD alignment is indeed better, due to the fact that you are making your Barrage much stronger during that period
Aren't we losing dps by waiting when a cd is available?
- It depends on the fight, but if you can use B4B without risk of dying you should always use Hawks+B4B+Barrage together.

Double oGCDs:

How do i weave so many oGCDs knowing that with minuet i can only do 1 ogcd after each cast?`

Well that's not entirely true, due to the sheer amount of ogcds we have, we actually NEED to double ogcd from time to time, but NOT always.

You can Double oGCD on the following occasions:

Other oGCDs:

The following Cooldowns should be weaved in between GCDs Use it every time that its off GCD, but make sure its always ticking for its full duration since it has 350 oPotency.
under Minuet this skill CANNOT be queued so be careful, wait for the cast to finish and then press on it. Is our go to Silence Skill, but if your in a fight which doesnt require you to focus on interrupting, this skill should be weaved in in between GCDs everytime that its off GCD and Bloodletter/RoD is on CD. Its a Nice skill that allows you not just do extra DPS, but it also helps you out insta dodging Plumes, or re-position yourself in a fight. Use it wisely.
Under minuet use it when you get a straighter shot proc so you don't interrupt a GCD rotation cast. Use it @ 560~580 TP, right after the tick of its normal TP regeneration. There has been a lot of controversy around this skill, and i think its safe to say that even in high lvles of SKS we ususally dont have TP problems while this skill offers us Movement (which we lack) and instant damage under minuet.
That being said using using when your buffs are about to run out is better then stance dancing to take advantage of a buff at 1 sec and about to run out. Dont forget that proc will have priority over Feint in any situation. - Who doesnt like selfheals? vs Both of them are situational, but is going to be better then the other depending on what encounter your dealing with. Although i still prefer to use the occasional Feint to avoid dps loss while moving.


Our Songs are pretty Straightforward, but there are some rules on when to pop them to maximize dps, while buffing your team.

Rule #1 - needs to be on CD (although it might be reseted while casting a song).
Rule #2 - If you have any of the following buffs activated, do NOT use songs:
Rule #3 - Make sure your & are up on your target and still have at least 6 sec uptime on it
Rule #4 - should be up, so that you don’t have to deal with recasting it and your dots right after the song cast is finished
Rule #5 - Time your songs with the Boss phase transitions, where the boss is either invulnerable, not target-able, or just pure downtime where Ballad and/or Paeons should always be used to top off everyone’s resources
Rule #6 - Research fights beforehand and make sure that when you sing, all the CD stated above are on CD.
Rule #7 - If you need to sing Peon for yourself, make sure to cancel it once invigorate is back up
Rule #8 - Insist that your healers use X-Ether on Cooldown, so that you spend less time singing for them thus increasing overall & personal DPS.
Rule #9 - Ask for don’t be Shy

Use if you have a BLM/SMN.
Use when you have your on CD and you got 200 or less TP, once is about to be ready, turn off ASAP.
Use if a Healer/SMN is running out of mana, or after a healer dies.
Use to augment any of the voices described above, by an extra 10% (The augmentation wont affect the user… unfortunately).

DoT Applications vs Multiple Targets: (360 oPotency) - Although it has a higher potency then Venomous this DoT is actually weaker for the first 14 seconds. (340 oPotency) - Higher Potency for the first 14 seconds but windbite will win on the last 2 ticks. (400 oPotency) (640 oPotency)

As a general rule Bards should apply their DoTs on all Mobs if each of them take longer then 20 Seconds to kill.

We should apply 1 set of of DoTs on the first focused mob, and while we apply our DoTs on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Mobs, the first focused mob should be dying, so make sure you use as much as possible and also on the dying Mob.
When you swap to the 2nd mob you have to decide if you are reapplying your DoTs based on the HP of the 2nd mob, if its lower then 40% then apply/reset your DoTs on the 3rd and 4th Mob, and help killing mob number 2 with the normal Priority "Rotation" and spam as much as possible. Same rule will apply to the rest of the mobs, if the 3rd add is under 40% HP apply/reset your DoTs again on the 4th mob and help killing mob number 3.

If you go any higher the 5 Mobs with Multidotting, it will be almost impossible to cast any oGCDs & other GCDs besides IJ and RoD, therefore in my own opinion after several hours of testing, i think that 5 targets should be the MAXIMUM amount for Multidotting.

Multidotting 5 targets is extremely hard to keep up, especially with Tab targeting system being so wonky. If Tanks move quite a lot is going to be even harder to target the right mobs so you can do your reapplications, therefore the only advice i can give you is, Work with the Enemy List and don't skip and RoD procs.

I also would like to add that reapplying/resetting your DoTs when you know that its a phase change and the boss will be either untarget-able or invincible is a pure TP to Potency loss. That being said you have to know exactly the percentages of when the boss is about to phase change so that you can decide if you should reapply or Not.

Ive created a spreadsheet so its easier to understand when our DoTs ticks are stronger and at what timings.

Updated with 3.3 Changes:

Current Gear Set:

3.55b BiS (sigh…)

3.5 BiS

3.4 BiS - it will change with Relic in the near future

3.2 BiS

3.0 BiS: + Steamed Staff Food


Ask your tanks to use the following macro so that your allowed to do your opener smoothly:
/p <se.9> Pulling in 13 <wait.3>
/p 10 ... <wait.2>
/p 8 ... <wait.3>
/enemysign attack5 <me> 
/p 5 ... <se.7> <wait.1> 
/enemysign attack4 <me> 
/p 4 ... <se.7>  <wait.1>
/enemysign attack3 <me> 
/p Pulling in 3 ... <se.7>  <wait.1> 
/enemysign attack2 <me> 
/p Pulling in 2... <se.7> <wait.1>
/enemysign attack1 <me>
/p Pulling in 1... <se.7> <wait.1>
/enemysign attack1 <me>
/p 凸(`⌒´メ)凸

I also use the following macro to let my group know how long my CD's will take in between pulls/trys.

/p       -------- CD's ----------
/p Hawk's Eye: <recast.Hawk's Eye>
/p Raging Strikes: <recast.Raging Strikes>
/p Blood For Blood: <recast.Blood for blood>
/p Internal Release: <recast.internal release>
/p Battle Voice: <recast.Battle Voice>

Since the introduction of Minuet, not being able to queue Flaming Arrow has been a real pain in the ass but since 3.2 we are now able to use ground AOEs on a target, therefore i use the following macro:

/micon "Flaming Arrow"
/ac "Flaming Arrow"
/ac "Flaming Arrow" <t>
/ac "Flaming Arrow" <t>
/ac "Flaming Arrow" <t>
/ac "Flaming Arrow" <t>
/ac "Flaming Arrow" <t>
/ac "Flaming Arrow" <t>

3.2 Also introduced the changed "The Warden's Paean" to a insta cast "esuna" + prevention for 30 sec. Therefore im using the following macro

/micon "The Warden's Paean"
/ac "The Warden's Paean" <number of the partyslot>
/ac "The Warden's Paean" <number of the partyslot>
/ac "The Warden's Paean" <number of the partyslot>
/ac "The Warden's Paean" <number of the partyslot>

ELSE DO NOT USE Macros, they will just lower your overall DPS

See here why:

Anyways, here are some useful Macros if your starting out, but please do not get used to it!

/macroicon "Venomous Bite"
/ac "Misery's End" <t>
/ac "Venomous Bite" <t>
/ac "Bloodletter" <t>

/macroicon "Windbite"
/ac "Misery's End" <t>
/ac "Windbite" <t>
/ac "Bloodletter" <t>

/macroicon "Heavy Shot"
/ac "Misery's End" <t>
/ac "Heavy Shot" <t>
/ac "Bloodletter" <t>

The following macro is the only macro that has the less dps impact while being used:
/macroicon "Bloodletter"
/ac "Misery's End" <t>
/ac "Bloodletter" <t>

Make an habit of spamming keybind during GCD just incase it procs.
If you want to use an oGCD skill, you should still spam the keybind during the first half of the GCD since the oGCD will only go off during the 2nd half of the GCD.

Until you perfect the bloodletter spamming, you can use the bloodletter macro, since the dps loss is almost negligible.

Dont forget to acquire cat like reflexes to use once you switch out of the bloodletter macro.

Accuracy Cap:

These are rough numbers according to my experience during Alexander progression. These number might NOT be 100% correct, but i can tell you that they are pretty close.

Stat Weights:

These new values were calculated with Minuet turned on and they are ~95% correct. According to iDervy ( there might be small adjustments, but you can already base your new BiS selection upon these numbers, cause even if they change it will be by a small margin.

3.3 EU/NA Updated Bard Weights
WD: 13.459
DET: 0.166
CRT: 0.295
SS: 0.165

Of course, it's hard to find static-weight which are 100% accurate, but these weights are as close as you can get which include slight variations due to peoples gear and their actual stats.

That's why every major item level increase patch, or significant changes in the jobs skills/traits, the weights change.

Stats Priority:

Weapon Damage > Dexterity > Critical > Determination > Skill Speed

Additional Info on Crit:

Critical Hit Damage is calculated as a multiplier of damage, hence why even though they share the same scale, the format for both formula are written slightly different, depending on what platform you're working on.

PS:For every 1% crit rate after the base 4.95% we get 1% crit damage


Additional Info on SkS and Lag:
I would also would like to mention that having around 450+ SkS (or Lower) and a connection under 150ms will allow you to cast 2 oGCD spells weaving it in between your main rotation (no Minuet) without losing any dps at all. The more SkS you have the harder it will get to use 2 oGCD Skills, because higher sks will decrease the time between GCD skill usage.
Abilities with Big Animations, or Potions wont allow the use of 2 oGCD without losing dps.

Now Under Minuet its a different story, the more SkS you have faster your casts are, which is a direct DPS increase. Lets also not forget that SkS effects DoT damage (although you'll need a truckload of it to even make a difference)

Additional Info on Weapon Damage and DEX:
Bards work differently from other DPS because of their lower Weapon Damage. You can clearly see that for melees, their secondary stat weights hover around 0.2-ish range compared to the Bard 0.33-ish range. BRDs DPS is mostly critical hit based due to procs.

Ping (ms) & how it affects DPS:

Ill be posting a video soon of WAR doing his 27sec opener with and without WTFast.
But basically what happens is that without WTFast (40ms Extra) he cannot cast is last skill due to the fact is still @ 50% of his last oGCD, therefore we can safely say that every ~50 seconds he will lose 1 GCD skill which means that he will lose more then 10 GCDs skills in a 10 minute non stop fight….

Advanced Raiding Information

I will do doing my own write up soon, but if you are really interested into upgrading your raiding bard arsenal you should definitely check out Cetonis post on Reddit


Bard vs Machinist:

  • Bard has 3 Songs that require the same mana pool, while MCH only has 2 turrets.
  • 265 MP for both MCH and BRD, per tick of MP regeneration.
  • 30 TP for both MCH and BRD, per tick of TP regeneration.
  • Both songs and Turrets have the same range, with turrets being better due to the fact that you can deploy them wherever you want them to be
  • - doubles the regen/foes for 30seconds every 3 minutes. Applied only to party members not the user.
  • - Doubles the regen/turretdps for 30~s every 2 minutes. Applied to everyone in your party including yourself
  • is also similar as Foes but it depends on turret you have up. Physical or Magical Vulnerability will be applied for the duration of Hypercharge depending on what turret was deployed.
  • MP/TP songs come @ a cost of 10% of bards dps to be decreased, while the turrets come at a cost of 7~12% of Machinists overall dps
  • Singing MP/TP song costs 1.5 GCds and 2 oGCDs (3 sec cast time)
  • The amount of MP drain while singing/promoting is the same.
  • Deploying a Turret and promote it costs the Machinist 2 oGCDs (2 instants)
  • Machinist works during oGCD making turret activation and deactivation much easier without losing dps.
    On bard you have to wait until the GCD is finished to be able to turn off a song, sometimes resulting in a small dps loss
  • You can deploy and Promote even if you are moving or stutter stepping.
    On bard you'll have to stand for 1.5 sec and finish the cast.
  • A Mini Virus and a mini Fever ( & is also on the MCH arsenal and unfortunately Bard has no equivalent.
  • Bard has probably the most underrated skill that no one is talking about which is and Machinist has no equivalent.
    It should NOT be used to meet accuracy requirements but only to boost accuracy. ex. (T9-stacking in front of the boss)

Since 3.3 Patch both Machinist and Bard in a similar standing in terms of raid dps support since now Battle Voice aligns with Casters Raging Strikes.
In my opinion if the caster+healers in your static are extremely good players go Bard, if tanks+Melees are somewhat better go MCH. If you don't like playing MCH stay Bard and ignore everything else :)

Dummy and Raid Parses:

Dps and the numbers you produce are co-related with the connection you have.
Assuming the same class and same skill same rotation someone with 200 ms, will never beat someone with a connection of 100 or less.

ilvl 209 - 3:30 on Dummie with Steamed Staff, Drac Pot and party(no miserys, no Disembowel):

For Alexander Raids:

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Arn Fearless replied

97 weeks ago

Hi o/ is anything changing with the gear with the new 3.3 Stat weights? Except some Materias or do you still use Skillspeed Materia?

Krietor Admin replied

97 weeks ago

Hi o/ is anything changing with the gear with the new 3.3 Stat weights? Except some Materias or do you still use Skillspeed Materia?Arn Fearless

ill update the BiS soon enough, and since the oGCD timings + pot animation changed ill be working on creating a new opener.
"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Arn Fearless replied

97 weeks ago

Hi o/ is anything changing with the gear with the new 3.3 Stat weights? Except some Materias or do you still use Skillspeed Materia?Arn Fearless

ill update the BiS soon enough, and since the oGCD timings + pot animation changed ill be working on creating a new opener.Krietor

Thx for the update :-) i will look forward to it!

Krietor Admin replied

96 weeks ago

3.3 Double EA 2 GCDs Off-Minuet (New Bard Opener) is now Live @
"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Yuzu Yumiko replied

96 weeks ago

Hi o/
If you cant get the midan weap yet is it better to go crit det on the relic or crit sks?

Krietor Admin replied

96 weeks ago

crit det if you got 700+sks
if you are really low on sks sks on the relic wouldnt be that bad, although i still havent researched what is possible and what max stats the relic can get.
"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Arn Fearless replied

96 weeks ago

The ilvl240 relic can get 240 points of substats, which you can spend at max 120 parade, 120 accuracy, 120 crit, 115 det, and/or 120 skillspeed.

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Yuzu Yumiko replied

95 weeks ago

on your 3.2 bis when you swap the acc materia 4 with a sks materia 5 on the hands and the sks materia 5 with acc materia 5 on belt you have more acc and the same sks

Aidane replied

94 weeks ago

hello, could you suggest what stats would put into new relic to be bis (i guess full crit ?) ?
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